ShowYourSkills welcomes Koninklijke HFC  

We are pleased to announce that from now on, Koninklijke HFC will be using the ShowYourSkills app. From now on, it will be possible for all youth members of 012 and O13 of HFC to train wherever and whenever they want: in the square, at home, in the garden or on the training pitch. With ShowYourSkills, more than 700 challenging exercises are waiting for you!

Who is ShowYourSkills?

ShowYourSkills takes the best of two worlds. We bring the digital and physical worlds together. In a simple, fun and SMART way, we help kids get better, creating authentic sports social communities.

Inspiring e-learning content and innovative techniques, such as a leaderboard and reflection chat, create a new way of learning. The ideal online toolkit for players.

ShowYourSkills is realised by an enthusiastic team with one clear ambition: everyone should be able to move and in this we want equality on squares and fields. With over 700 challenges ranging from easy to difficult, our mission is to encourage youth – through the sports organisation – to move more and enable everyone to develop at their own level. By providing this platform, ShowYourSkills is the solution for partners who have development and movement as key objectives and want to embrace this domain.

“Koninklijke HFC on this partnership”

By Koninklijke we think of sporting and respectful, Ambitious is performance-oriented, Family feeling is expressed in “engaging and (re)bonding” and a life-long Kon.HFC and Innovative is seeking, trying and implementing innovations in numerous areas.

One recent innovation is that in partnership with ShowYourSkills. ShowYourSkills is a company by ex-Kon. HFC player Daniël van Son whose mission is to get youth (through their own club) to move more. And let’s face it; exercise is good for every person (from young to old). We read and hear this almost daily, but unfortunately the youth plays outside less than 40 years ago. Hence the search for a modern technology (an app) to challenge players to move more in a fun way.

“ShowYourSkills on this collaboration”

We are happy to welcome an amateur club like Koninklijke HFC to ShowYourSkills and look forward to a beautiful, long-term and sustainable cooperation. Together, we are tackling the social problem (children who do not exercise enough) as well as helping to develop the youth training of Koninklijke HFC.