ShowYourSkills is the ideal application for every football club in the Netherlands. With over 700 challenges ranging from easy to difficult, we encourage the youth to exercise more and enable them to develop at their own level.




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The modules.

  • Technique


    Technique is the basis for the pupils. The better the technique, the more time the player has to pass the ball on to another player.


  • First touch


    The first touch should always be good. It determines where you are going with the ball. How a player takes the ball also has to do with the position in which the player is standing.

  • Passing


    An important part of football is the team game, which of course includes passing.


  • Dribbling


    You can practice various dribbling techniques with different sides of both feet. This will help you gain more control over the ball and better movement and balance when playing a game.

  • Chop


    By cutting the ball, you can change direction and make yourself free. It is important that you do this at the right time.


  • Feint


    There are many ways to make a move and outplay your opponent. The feint is an effective tool for this. Every successful feint in training gives you more confidence in the match.

  • Physique


    In football, it is important to be physically healthy. This prevents many injuries, you become faster and more explosive and you become stronger in the duel. Footballers therefore benefit enormously from functional, physical exercises.


  • Freestyle


    Freestyle Football is a separate discipline from the football field. With Freestyle, there is no field, no coach, referee or rules. You are free to have fun with the ball.

  • Cognitive Training


    The situations in the field are constantly changing. Players with good cognitive skills can make the difference thanks to their good time and space awareness. Thinking faster and moving smarter ensures better results.

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