Who Are We

About half of children aged 4 to 12 do not exercise enough. This is according to figures from Statistics Netherlands and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. Their motor skills are deteriorating and childhood obesity is on the rise. Some of the causes are digitalization, urbanization, and not enough safe playgrounds.

12 – 16-year-olds also do not exercise and sport enough. Research shows that young people experience various barriers to exercise and sports. VMBO pupils cite cost as the biggest barrier. HAVO/VWO pupils say they have too many other commitments. All young people experience little support from their environment.

The idea was born – upon making these observations – ShowYourSkills: a learning sports movement, gamification application.

ShowYourSkills takes the best of both worlds. We bring the digital and physical worlds together. In a simple, fun and SMART way, we help kids get better, creating authentic sports and social communities. Inspiring e-learning content and innovative techniques, such as a leaderboard and reflection chat, create a new way of learning. The ideal online toolkit for players.

ShowYourSkills is realized by an enthusiastic team with one clear ambition: everyone should be able to move and in this, we want equality on the squares and fields.

Our Mission

With over 700 challenges ranging from easy to difficult, we encourage youth – through the sports organization – to move more and enable everyone to develop at their own level. By providing this platform, ShowYourSkills is the solution for partners who have development and movement as key objectives and want to embrace this domain.

Our Vision

The ideal gamification application for every sports organization in the Netherlands but also abroad in five years’ time. ShowYourSkills wants to offer inspiration and innovation to every sporting child. Break down barriers, create opportunities and enable everyone to practice sports. Encouraging children to go outside and get more exercise..


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