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Who are we?

By offering over 700 challenges ranging from easy to difficult, we challenge players to become the best version of themselves. When an exercise is achieved, users can work their way up as individuals to the top of the rankings within the club. All trainers and coaches also have everything insightful in one place, which makes homework guidance for players at many clubs a lot clearer.

For this reason, ShowYourSkills is the ideal application for all football clubs in the Netherlands. With this app you have the ultimate tool to reach a large group and to realize both more interaction and participation. ShowYourSkills is the best trainer for any football club.”

FC Utrecht in collaboration with ShowYourSkills

FC Utrecht is the first Paid football organization in Europe to roll out ShowYourSkills with its partner clubs. This shows that David Vecht and his team are once again a forerunner.

ShowYourSkills: “We are very happy with a nice confirmation from a club like FC Utrecht to get children more active together and to develop further in order to get the best out of themselves.” 

FC Utrecht and ShowYourSkills are entering into an intensive collaboration, which means that as a partner club of FC Utrecht it is now possible to use ShowYourSkills. Not just for now, but forever.

We are pleased to start asap, with a deadline of September 1. We therefore kindly ask you to fill in the information in the form below.

Of course, we want to start as soon as possible. Please fill in the (club) details via the contact form below.